Workplace Dispute Leads to Deadly Shooting in Pennsylvania

Officials in Chester, Pennsylvania, have reported a devastating incident where an employee, who was unhappy with their job, allegedly shot and killed their coworkers at a local business.

According to Margie McAboy, Director of Policy and Public Engagement for the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office, the shooting took place at Delaware County Linen, located at 2626 W. 4th Street. According to reports, there were multiple individuals who were shot both inside and outside the establishment.

Local media outlets were informed by Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer that the shooting led to casualties, with three individuals being transported to the hospital due to their injuries. Unfortunately, two of those injured did not survive their injuries.

Stollsteimer provided clarification that one victim was shot outside the business premises, while the other was shot inside. The shooter, who was an employee of the company, was quickly apprehended by authorities.

Stollsteimer suggests that investigations indicate the shooting was caused by a dispute that started at work.

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