Where the Biggest Michigan Lottery Prizes in May Were Sold

May proved to be a month of extraordinary luck for Michigan lottery enthusiasts, as several substantial prizes made their way into the hands of fortunate winners across the state.

According to the Michigan Lottery, a total of six prizes worth $1 million or more were either won or claimed during this period, highlighting a series of life-changing moments for those involved.

The standout win of the month was a staggering $7.19 million jackpot claimed by a 38-year-old man from Wayne County. This life-altering prize came from a Lotto 47 ticket purchased online through MichiganLottery.com.

Not only did this win mark the largest prize ever awarded via the state’s online platform, but it also brought immense joy to the player registered in Romulus, where the lucky ticket was associated.

Following closely behind was another significant win from a Millionaires Club instant ticket sold in Waterford, amounting to a substantial $4 million windfall for the lucky recipient.

In addition, a $2 million prize was claimed from a Diamonds & Gold instant ticket sold in Mason, showcasing the diverse range of winning opportunities offered by Michigan’s lottery games.

The list of notable wins continued with a $1.05 million prize awarded to a player who struck luck with a Jumbo Jackpot Slots ticket purchased in Mount Clemens. Similarly, $1 million prizes were claimed from tickets sold in Davison for Mega Millions and in Pinconning for Powerball, rounding out the impressive lineup of big winners for the month.

Overall, May saw a total of 17 prizes valued at $100,000 or more being won or claimed across various locations throughout Michigan. This underscores the widespread excitement and anticipation that lottery draws generate among participants across the state.

Here’s a breakdown of where the major winning tickets were sold or where the online purchasers were registered, highlighting the geographic spread of fortune:

Romulus (Lotto 47 online ticket – $7.19 million): A record-breaking jackpot win that captivated the community in Romulus.

Waterford (Millionaires Club instant ticket – $4 million): A life-changing prize for a lucky individual in Waterford, celebrating a monumental win.

Mason (Diamonds & Gold instant ticket – $2 million): A significant windfall that made headlines in Mason, bringing unexpected joy to the local winner.

Mount Clemens (Jumbo Jackpot Slots ticket – $1.05 million): An exciting win that added to the thrill of lottery gaming in Mount Clemens.

Davison (Mega Millions ticket – $1 million): A substantial prize that made a positive impact on the winner’s life in Davison.

Pinconning (Powerball ticket – $1 million): A fortunate ticket purchase in Pinconning that led to a life-changing prize.

The month of May clearly demonstrated that luck can strike anywhere and at any time for Michigan lottery players. Beyond the thrill of winning, these substantial prizes serve as a testament to the excitement and opportunity that the Michigan Lottery brings to communities across the state. Each win not only changes the life of the winner but also contributes to the collective excitement and enthusiasm that surrounds lottery gaming in Michigan.

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