Where is Bill Hemmer Now?

Bill Hemmer has been a prominent figure in the realm of television news, and his career continues to evolve. As of now, he has taken on a new and significant role at Fox News. Hemmer, who has been instrumental in bolstering the network’s lineup, now occupies the 3 p.m. slot, previously held by Shepard Smith. This change places him in a position to showcase Fox News’ newsgathering operations.

Bill Hemmer Takes Over Fox News’ 3 P.M. Slot

On January 20, Bill Hemmer officially began hosting “Bill Hemmer Reports” in the afternoon slot on Fox News. This time period was previously dominated by Shepard Smith, who left the network abruptly in October after an on-air disagreement with Tucker Carlson. Hemmer is taking on this role with a calm and collected demeanor, aiming to focus on the stories of the day rather than the opinions surrounding them.

“I let them do what they do and they allow me to do what I do,” says Hemmer, emphasizing his intent to maintain a journalistic approach rather than becoming an opinion maker. He believes in presenting the full picture of the news and letting the stories unfold naturally over time.

Continuing Shepard Smith’s Legacy

Hemmer acknowledges the solid groundwork laid by Shepard Smith, praising his ability to deliver breaking news with vivid and descriptive reporting. Hemmer plans to retain some of the hallmarks of Smith’s tenure, ensuring that the hour remains dedicated to comprehensive news coverage. “The hour with regards to news isn’t going to change,” he assures viewers.

Facing Skepticism and Challenges

Despite his extensive experience and strong journalistic background, Hemmer is aware of the scrutiny he will face. Frank Sesno, a former CNN Washington Bureau chief, acknowledges Hemmer’s strong journalism credentials but notes that anyone at Fox News is under significant scrutiny from both media critics and fans. Smith’s no-nonsense news hour often outperformed competitors in viewership, but its ratings were still lower than other Fox News programs.

Expanding Fox News’ Reach

Hemmer’s new role extends beyond the traditional Fox News audience. His coverage of major events, such as the impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate, will be available to Fox affiliates, allowing them to livestream his reporting on digital and social media platforms. This strategy aims to leverage Hemmer’s work to attract a broader audience to Fox News and its parent company, Fox Corporation.

A Legacy of Collaboration and Support

Throughout his career, Hemmer has co-anchored “America’s Newsroom” alongside notable colleagues like Megyn Kelly, Shannon Bream, and Martha MacCallum, all of whom have moved on to prominent roles. Hemmer credits his success to his supportive nature, attributing it to his experience as a middle child in a large family. He modestly refuses to take credit for his colleagues’ achievements, emphasizing their individual talents and hard work.

A Life-Changing Decision

Hemmer’s career trajectory was significantly influenced by a bold decision he made at the age of 26. Feeling the need for a change, he left his job as a sports anchor at WCPO, a CBS affiliate in Cincinnati, and used his savings to travel the world. This journey, which took him through China, Vietnam, Nepal, India, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Russia, profoundly impacted his life and career. Hemmer’s travel experiences provided him with unique insights and a global perspective that continue to inform his journalism.

Future Plans and Aspirations

Looking ahead, Hemmer aims to feature big newsmaker interviews on his show, enhancing its appeal and relevance. He has already secured several high-profile interviews for his initial broadcasts and plans to cover significant events such as the impeachment trial, the Super Bowl, and the Democratic primary in New Hampshire. Hemmer is prepared for the unexpected events of 2020, anticipating the drama and significance of news stories that have yet to unfold.


Bill Hemmer’s new role at Fox News represents a significant milestone in his career. As the host of “Bill Hemmer Reports,” he is committed to delivering comprehensive and unbiased news coverage. His journey from a sports anchor to a seasoned journalist with global experience has equipped him with the skills and perspective needed to excel in this new role. Viewers can expect Hemmer to uphold the standards of excellence set by his predecessor while bringing his unique approach to the 3 p.m. slot.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Bill Hemmer now?
Bill Hemmer is currently hosting “Bill Hemmer Reports” on Fox News at 3 p.m., a slot previously occupied by Shepard Smith.

2. What is “Bill Hemmer Reports” about?
“Bill Hemmer Reports” focuses on the stories of the day, delivering comprehensive news coverage without delving into opinion-making.

3. How long has Bill Hemmer been with Fox News?
Bill Hemmer joined Fox News in 2005 after a long stint with CNN.

4. What was Hemmer’s career before joining Fox News?
Before joining Fox News, Hemmer worked at CNN and had a background in sports anchoring.

5. What significant decision did Hemmer make early in his career?
At the age of 26, Hemmer left his job as a sports anchor to travel the world, an experience that profoundly influenced his career and perspective on journalism.

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