University of Pennsylvania Enhances Security Measures for Commencement

As the University of Pennsylvania gears up for its commencement ceremony at Franklin Field, security is getting a major boost. With around 6,000 graduates expected to attend, it’s crucial to ensure everything goes smoothly and everyone stays safe.

Recent protests on campus have led to tighter security measures. Following an encampment at Penn earlier this month, the university has taken swift action.

Three seniors who were supposed to graduate had their cases fast-tracked through the Office of Community Standards and Accountability. Unfortunately, because they didn’t respond to letters about their cases, they won’t be able to participate in the graduation ceremonies.

Things got pretty intense on Friday night when 19 protesters, including seven Penn students, were arrested during a demonstration. These events have highlighted the importance of beefing up security and being extra vigilant to maintain order during the commencement proceedings.

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