Tragic DUI Crash in Winter Springs Claims the Life of Beloved Mother Tiffany Alexander

In Winter Springs, Florida, a heartbreaking incident unfolded when a woman, allegedly heavily intoxicated, collided with another vehicle, leading to the tragic death of Tiffany Alexander, a beloved wife and mother of three. The Winter Springs Police Department swiftly responded to the scene of the devastating crash, which occurred at an intersection around 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

The driver responsible for the fatal collision was identified as Asnubil Escobar, 25, who worked as a bartender and restaurant manager in Sanford. Escobar, purportedly nearly five times over the legal limit for alcohol consumption, was rushing to work when the accident occurred. Following the collision, she was apprehended at her residence and faced charges including vehicular DUI homicide.

Winter Springs Police Chief Matt Tracht expressed disbelief at Escobar’s blood alcohol level of 0.38, underscoring the grave dangers associated with such extreme intoxication. Witness accounts indicated that Escobar ran a red light while speeding, ultimately leading to the fatal crash.

Escobar claimed to have consumed her last alcoholic beverage hours before the incident, a claim that raised skepticism from Chief Tracht due to the inconsistency between her alleged timeline and the severity of her intoxication.

The collision left two of Alexander’s children with minor injuries, prompting a sense of relief that their injuries were not more severe. Chief Tracht lamented the preventable nature of the tragedy, attributing it to Escobar’s poor decision-making.

As the community mourns the loss of Tiffany Alexander, an outpouring of support has emerged through a GoFundMe campaign aimed at assisting her grieving family during this challenging time. Remembered as a woman of unwavering faith and genuine warmth, Tiffany’s memory will be cherished by all who knew her.

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