This Texas City Has Been Named the Most Corrupt City in the State

Texas is a state known for its rich history, diverse culture, and economic prosperity. But not everything is rosy in the Lone Star State. Some cities in Texas have been plagued by corruption, crime, and poverty, earning them a reputation as some of the most dangerous and unethical places in the country.

One such city is Crystal City, a small town in Zavala County, about 115 miles southwest of San Antonio. Crystal City has been dubbed the most corrupt city in America, and for good reason. In 2016, almost every top official of the city was arrested for corruption, leaving the town in chaos and despair.

The Corruption Scandal

The corruption scandal that rocked Crystal City began in February 2016, when the FBI raided the city hall and arrested the mayor, the city manager, two council members, and a former council member. They were charged with various counts of bribery, conspiracy, and fraud, involving a scheme to solicit and accept bribes from contractors and vendors in exchange for favorable treatment and city contracts.

The bribes included cash, cars, trips, and even an illegal gambling operation. The city manager, who was also the city’s attorney and the head of the economic development corporation, was accused of using his multiple positions to enrich himself and his co-conspirators.

He allegedly paid himself more than $200,000 in unauthorized salary, used city funds to pay for personal expenses, and diverted money from the economic development corporation to his own bank account.

The mayor, who was also a part-time employee of a school district, was accused of using his influence to get a pay raise and a promotion, as well as using school district funds to pay for his personal expenses. The council members were accused of voting in favor of the city manager’s proposals and contracts, and receiving kickbacks from him and other contractors. The former council member, who had resigned in 2015, was accused of being involved in the bribery scheme and the illegal gambling operation.

The Aftermath

The corruption scandal left Crystal City in a state of crisis and confusion. The city had no functioning government, no budget, no audits, and no transparency. The city’s water system was contaminated with high levels of arsenic, and the residents had to boil their water before drinking it. The city’s police department was understaffed and underfunded, and the crime rate was soaring.

The city’s schools were struggling to provide quality education, and the students were suffering from low test scores and high dropout rates. The city’s economy was stagnant, and the unemployment rate was high. The city’s reputation was tarnished, and the residents were disillusioned and angry.

The Recovery

Since the corruption scandal, Crystal City has been trying to recover and rebuild. The city held a new election in May 2016, and elected a new mayor and three new council members. The new officials vowed to restore trust and integrity in the city government, and to address the city’s problems and needs. They hired a new city manager, a new city attorney, and a new police chief.

They also hired an auditor to review the city’s finances and operations, and a consultant to help the city with its water system. The new officials have been working to improve the city’s services, infrastructure, and public safety. They have also been working to attract new businesses and investments, and to create new opportunities and jobs for the residents.

The new officials have faced many challenges and difficulties, such as lawsuits, debts, and resistance from some of the old officials and employees. But they have also received support and assistance from the state, the county, and other agencies and organizations. The new officials have expressed optimism and hope for the future of Crystal City, and have asked the residents to be patient and cooperative.


Crystal City is a city that has been through a lot of turmoil and trouble. It has been the victim of corruption, greed, and abuse of power. It has been the scene of crime, poverty, and despair. But it has also been the home of resilience, courage, and change. It has been the place of reform, recovery, and renewal. Crystal City is a city that has been named the most corrupt city in the state, but it is also a city that is striving to become the most improved city in the state.

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