Storms Cause Damage Across Northern Minnesota

Severe storms wreaked havoc across northern Minnesota on Wednesday, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. A team from the National Weather Service is mobilizing to assess the extent of the damage in Aitkin, Crow Wing, and Carlton counties, aiming to determine if any tornadoes touched down during the tumultuous weather.

Josh Sandstrom, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Duluth, confirmed significant damage and expressed concerns about the possibility of a tornado. Crews will venture into the affected counties on Thursday to conduct a thorough assessment of the aftermath.

Preliminary reports from the Weather Service highlighted extensive tree damage in the Cross Lake area, with some trees exceeding a foot in diameter. Additionally, powerful winds overturned a mobile home near Crosby, Minnesota, while hail, ranging from pea-sized to golf ball-sized, battered central and northeastern parts of the state.

The ferocity of the storms resulted in widespread power outages, impacting thousands of residents in northern Minnesota. While power has been restored to most areas by Thursday morning, approximately 1,000 customers in Cross Lake are still without electricity. Some customers served by Lake County Power and Minnesota Power also continue to experience outages.

Due to the severity of the storms, the weekly midday weather radio tests in Duluth and the Twin Cities were postponed until Thursday. Authorities stressed the importance of heeding weather warnings and urged residents to remain vigilant during severe weather events.

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