Shark Encounter Leads to Beach Closure in Del Mar

In Del Mar, California, a surprising encounter with a shark led authorities to take swift action, closing down beaches on a Sunday morning. The incident unfolded around 9 a.m., not far from the Beach Safety Center at 17th Street.

Among a group of roughly a dozen ocean swimmers who regularly gather to train in Del Mar, a 46-year-old man found himself bitten by the shark. Lifeguards, responding to a swimmer in need of help, were shocked to discover the victim of the shark attack upon reaching the scene.

The man suffered noticeable bites on his torso, left arm, and hand. Thankfully, emergency responders quickly whisked him away by ambulance to Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. Officials later confirmed that his injuries were not life-threatening, a relief shared by Del Mar Lifeguard Chief Jon Edelbrock.

In the aftermath of the incident, lifeguards wasted no time, placing warning signs along the shoreline at 17th Street. These signs urged beachgoers to steer clear of the water due to the shark encounter.

The closure extended about a mile in both directions, from 6th Street to North Beach, following guidelines set by the California Marine Safety Chiefs Association and the Shark Lab at California State University Long Beach. Nearby authorities were also alerted to the closure.

Chief Edelbrock assured the public that the beach closure would remain enforced until 9 a.m. on Tuesday, June 4th, prioritizing the safety of all beach visitors.

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