Rules for Legal Frog Hunting in Ohio

While frog hunting might not be trending on social media, it’s a seasonal pastime in Ohio with its own set of rules. From June 14 to April 30, 2025, frog enthusiasts have the opportunity to engage in this nocturnal activity. Here are the essential regulations for frog hunting in Ohio:

1. Daily Limit: Hunters can harvest up to 15 bullfrogs and/or green frogs per day.

2. License Requirement: Individuals aged 16 and above must possess a valid state fishing license for frog hunting, unless they are under 16 years old.

3. License Exemption: On June 15-16, individuals of any age can participate in frog hunting without a fishing license, coinciding with the opening weekend of the frog hunting season.

4. Closed Season: The frog hunting season typically closes from May until mid-June annually, allowing frogs to reproduce and tadpoles to develop.

5. Equipment: Frog hunting commonly involves the use of a gig, a type of pitchfork attached to a long pole for jabbing at frogs. Shooting frogs with BB guns is prohibited; only archery equipment is allowed.

6. Prohibited Methods: Traps, chemicals, explosives, smoke, or any stupefying substances are strictly prohibited for frog hunting.

While frog hunting may not be as widespread in Ohio as in some southern states, enthusiasts can still enjoy the excitement of the hunt and the satisfaction of a delicious meal of frog legs.

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