Representative Sorensen Announces Upcoming Town Meeting for Greenfield

The community of Greenfield is coming together for an important town meeting this Sunday, as they continue to recover from the devastating tornado that struck on May 21st. This meeting aims to provide much-needed answers and guidance to residents as they work through the challenges left in the tornado’s wake.

Ray Sorensen, who represents Iowa’s District 23 and is a proud Greenfield native, has announced this gathering. He shared what residents can expect during the meeting:

“We’re bringing everyone together to discuss the recovery process,” Sorensen explained to Raccoon Valley Radio. “We’ll have representatives from the Red Cross, FEMA, and insurance companies present to help answer your questions. Many of you are wondering why certain things aren’t happening, why some claims are being denied, and what steps you should take next.”

The town meeting will be held at the Nodaway Valley High School Auditorium. It will feature local leaders and representatives from various organizations who are dedicated to supporting the community.

Sorensen also highlighted the emotional aspect of the gathering. “This is a chance for everyone to take a breath and reflect on everything that has happened. Many people have been too busy dealing with immediate concerns to really process the events.”

This meeting is not just about getting answers; it’s about coming together as a community, finding clarity, and starting the journey to rebuild and heal.

For Greenfield, this Sunday’s meeting represents a moment of unity and hope as they face the challenges ahead.

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