Princess Mako Husband: A Royal Marriage and Legal Career in New York

Kei Komuro, known for his marriage to former Princess Mako of Japan, has recently marked a significant milestone in his career by becoming a registered lawyer in the state of New York. This achievement follows his graduation from Fordham University School of Law and his successful completion of the New York State Bar Exam in July 2022.

Transition to Legal Practice

Komuro’s transition into the legal profession represents a pivotal shift in his career trajectory. Starting as a law clerk, he quickly advanced to the role of associate at a prestigious New York law firm. His journey reflects a blend of dedication and perseverance, now specializing in advising on venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, entity formation, and corporate matters.

Marriage and Personal Background

In October 2021, Kei Komuro and Princess Mako exchanged vows, drawing significant public attention amidst familial financial disputes. Their decision to move from Tokyo to New York City later in 2021 signified a new beginning, freeing themselves from royal obligations and allowing Komuro to pursue his legal ambitions wholeheartedly.

Educational Journey and Career Path

Komuro’s educational pursuit began at International Christian University in Tokyo, where fate brought him together with Princess Mako.

Following his undergraduate studies, he earned a Master of Business Law degree from Hitotsubashi University Graduate School. Komuro then pursued his passion for law at Fordham University School of Law, obtaining a Juris Doctor degree in May 2021.

Challenges and Achievements

Kei Komuro’s path to becoming a licensed lawyer in New York was not without challenges. After facing setbacks in previous attempts, he demonstrated resilience and focus, ultimately passing the bar exam in July 2022. His achievement stands as a testament to his commitment to excellence and growth in the legal field.

Professional Role and Contributions

At Lowenstein Sandler, Komuro applies his expertise in corporate and technology law to support entrepreneurs, emerging companies, and investors. His role involves providing strategic legal counsel crucial for business operations and fostering growth initiatives within the firm’s corporate and tech groups.


Kei Komuro’s journey from a member of Japan’s royal family to an accomplished lawyer in New York City epitomizes resilience and dedication. His transition underscores the pursuit of personal and professional fulfillment beyond traditional expectations, emphasizing excellence in the legal realm.

As he continues to navigate his career, Komuro’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring legal professionals and individuals embracing new beginnings.

This article celebrates Kei Komuro’s significant career milestone and personal evolution post-marriage to Princess Mako, highlighting his achievements and aspirations in the legal field amidst a transformative journey to New York City.

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