Oklahoma Attorney General Responds to Biden Administration’s Concerns Over New Immigration Law

Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond is firing back at the Biden Administration’s concerns over Oklahoma’s new immigration law. The feds say it goes against the Constitution and are threatening to sue if it’s enforced.

Drummond wants to make it clear: this law isn’t about kicking people out; it’s about keeping the public safe. He’s not happy with the government’s one-size-fits-all approach, saying they’re stomping on states’ rights.

The Biden team is comparing Oklahoma’s law to Texas’, which lets state cops nab and boot out folks living there illegally.

But Drummond argues it’s all about tackling crimes like drug trafficking and human trafficking. He points to a recent bust involving an illegal pot farm where everyone was undocumented, but the feds didn’t lift a finger.

Drummond thinks local cops should be able to collar folks breaking the law if they’re in the country illegally.

He’s clear that racial profiling isn’t part of the deal and insists the law is all about beefing up efforts to tackle crime, especially involving Chinese nationals and Central and South American cartels.

Drummond wraps it up by saying the law’s about making Oklahoma safer while playing by the rules.

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