New Jersey Set to Receive $30 Million from Johnson & Johnson Talc Settlement

New Jersey is on the brink of receiving a significant windfall of $30.2 million from a nationwide settlement with Johnson & Johnson, as announced by Attorney General Matt Platkin.

This sum is part of a larger $700 million settlement agreed upon by the pharmaceutical giant, headquartered in New Brunswick. The agreement encompasses various talc-based products, including baby powder and body powder.

This legal resolution stems from lawsuits filed by 42 states, New Jersey among them, alleging that Johnson & Johnson misled consumers by marketing talc products to women and teenage girls as safe, despite evidence indicating otherwise. Such deceptive practices run afoul of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, which aims to protect consumers from false advertising.

As per the settlement terms, Johnson & Johnson is now barred from promoting, manufacturing, selling, or distributing talc powder products within the United States. Moreover, the company faces a class-action lawsuit linked to these allegations.

This substantial settlement underscores the critical importance of corporate responsibility and safeguarding consumer interests. As New Jersey anticipates its share of the settlement, it reinforces the state’s dedication to upholding consumer rights and ensuring accountability within the corporate sphere.

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