McDonald Rivet Endorsed to Fill Kildee’s Congressional Seat

Michigan’s 8th Congressional District, stretching across various counties and communities, faces a significant juncture as long-serving Representative Dan Kildee steps down. Among the contenders aiming to fill his shoes, one candidate stands out for her thorough grasp of the district’s intricacies and her dedication to effective leadership.

The Detroit Free Press Editorial Board backs KRISTEN McDONALD RIVET in the Democratic primary on August 6. Rivet’s deep understanding of the district’s challenges and her practical approach to governance position her as the ideal representative for Michigan in Washington.

Despite facing tough competition in the primary, including opponents like Matt Collier and Dr. Pamela Pugh, Rivet’s experience and vision distinguish her.

As a first-term state senator, Rivet has shown a profound understanding of Michigan’s critical issues, ranging from education accountability to economic growth. Her adept fundraising skills further affirm her viability as a candidate, ensuring she’s prepared for the upcoming general election battle.

Rivet’s commitment to finding pragmatic solutions to pressing problems resonates with voters throughout the district. Her advocacy for accessible child care and support for working families reflects her keen awareness of local needs.

Rivet’s dedication to tackling issues such as mental health care access, youth violence prevention, and Flint’s lead poisoning crisis underscores her commitment to serving all constituents.

Additionally, Rivet’s principled stance on reproductive rights, grounded in a respect for individual privacy and autonomy, underscores her unwavering dedication to defending fundamental freedoms. Her inclusive governance style and readiness to engage in tough negotiations make her an effective advocate for Michigan residents.

In a district poised for a competitive race, Rivet’s blend of experience, vision, and dedication positions her as the best-prepared candidate to not only secure victory but also effectively represent Michiganders in Congress.

As Michigan voters gear up for the August 6 primary, they have the chance to support a candidate who comprehends their needs and is poised to deliver results.

Whether by casting absentee ballots or voting in person, voters hold the power to make their voices heard and shape the future of representation in Michigan’s 8th Congressional District.

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