Man Accused of Abusing Corpse and Leaving it in Trash Can in Downtown State College

A 50-year-old man, Christopher Hampton, has been charged with abusing the corpse of his roommate, who had overdosed on fentanyl, methamphetamine, and xylazine, and then leaving the body in a trash can in downtown State College.

The incident occurred on December 15, 2022, when a body was found wrapped in a rug in a storage building. The police investigation revealed that Hampton had left the body at his girlfriend’s house for several days before deciding what to do with it.

According to the charges, Hampton told his girlfriend that he thought the man had died, and she instructed him to take the man to the hospital. However, Hampton refused to take the man to the hospital and instead brought the body back to his girlfriend’s house.

Hampton then allegedly took the body out of his girlfriend’s house and put it in a trash can he found nearby. He wheeled the trash can to a house on Oakhurst Lane that he believed was abandoned.

An autopsy revealed that the man’s death was not caused by injury or trauma, but rather by a multidrug overdose. Hampton is currently in Centre County Prison on unrelated charges and has been charged with abuse of a corpse, theft, and receiving stolen property. His bail has been set at $10,000.

The investigation into this shocking incident highlights the importance of proper disposal of human remains and the need for swift action in cases of suspicious deaths.

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