Lamar Odom Dating: From Engagement to Heartbreak

Lamar Odom, former NBA star, recently made headlines with his engagement to Sabrina Parr, a health and life coach. Their whirlwind romance captivated fans, with Odom announcing their engagement on Instagram. However, their journey was not without its ups and downs.

The Joyous Engagement Announcement

Lamar Odom, 40, shared the exciting news of his engagement to Sabrina Parr, 32, on Instagram. The couple celebrated their love at Prime 112 Restaurant in Miami. Odom posted a sweet photo of them together, captioning it, “Introducing my new fiancée!! Soon to be Mrs. Parr-Odom. She the ONE!!!!! @getuptoparr.” Parr beamed as she showed off her stunning engagement ring.

Sabrina Parr also took to Instagram to share her happiness, posting a slideshow of videos highlighting her dazzling pear-cut diamond ring. She captioned her post, “I SAID YES!!!!💍👰🏽@lamarodom #mrsparrodom #lamarandsabrina.” The couple’s joy was evident as Parr proudly displayed her new rock for the camera.

A Love Story Goes Public

Lamar Odom made his relationship with Sabrina Parr public on Instagram in August. He posted a photo of Parr sitting in his lap, with the caption, “What we have is much more than they can see…” This public declaration of love came shortly before they appeared together on the show Dish Nation, where they spoke about their relationship.

During the interview, Odom was asked what made this relationship different from his past ones. He responded candidly, “It’s the truth. She’s black.” This led to some light-hearted banter with the host, Gary Hayes. Parr added, “Oh no, I was not playing at all,” highlighting her seriousness about their relationship. Odom emphasized that Parr kept it real, a quality he deeply appreciated.

Facing the Past: Overcoming Pain and Healing

Sabrina Parr addressed the challenges they faced, particularly Odom’s troubled past. When asked why she decided to pursue a relationship with him despite his history, Parr explained, “Sometimes pain, I think, attracts women.” Odom interjected, acknowledging his painful past. Parr, however, clarified that her attraction was not to his pain and drama. Instead, she saw Odom as someone who needed to heal and grieve his past losses.

Odom’s previous marriage to Khloé Kardashian ended in 2016 due to his struggles with addiction and infidelity. He had a lot to overcome before he could be ready for a new relationship. Parr believed in meeting people where they are, recognizing that Odom needed time to heal before he could be a good partner.

The Engagement Ends: Deceit and Heartache

Unfortunately, the engagement between Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr did not last. In a virtual interview on The Real, Odom revealed that Parr hurt him “in every which way.” He described her as “very deceitful” and alleged that she was lying to him throughout their relationship. Odom felt betrayed, saying, “I used to really like, take her word for everything, and she was like, really lying to me the whole time.”

When asked what he thought Parr wanted, Odom speculated that she sought “clout or fame.” He also mentioned that they were working on a reality series together, which Parr allegedly released without informing him. Odom expressed sadness over being taken advantage of, particularly for monetary reasons.

Moving Forward: Odom’s Hopes and Regrets

Lamar Odom expressed his hope that Parr would shift her focus away from him and concentrate on her own life. He mentioned that Parr had accused him of drug use, which hurt him deeply given his past struggles with addiction. Despite the pain, Odom decided not to take legal action against Parr, hoping instead that she would prioritize getting her child back and moving on.

The Aftermath: Sabrina Parr’s Perspective

Sabrina Parr announced their breakup on Instagram, stating that she was no longer engaged to Lamar Odom. She explained that the decision was difficult but necessary for her and her children. Parr acknowledged that Odom had personal issues he needed to work through and expressed her love for him, wishing him the best.

Despite the breakup, the couple was seen together shortly after, sparking rumors of reconciliation. They even celebrated Thanksgiving together, with Parr confirming they were back together. However, their relationship remained tumultuous, with both parties needing time to heal and move forward.


The relationship between Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr was a rollercoaster of emotions. From the joy of their engagement to the heartbreak of their breakup, their story captivated fans and media alike. While their romance ultimately ended, both Odom and Parr have the opportunity to learn and grow from their experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did Lamar Odom announce his engagement to Sabrina Parr?
Lamar Odom announced his engagement to Sabrina Parr on Instagram, sharing a photo of the couple at Prime 112 Restaurant in Miami. He captioned the post with, “Introducing my new fiancée!! Soon to be Mrs. Parr-Odom. She the ONE!!!!! @getuptoparr.”

2. What made Lamar Odom’s relationship with Sabrina Parr different from his past relationships?
Odom mentioned that the truth and authenticity in his relationship with Parr made it different. He appreciated that Parr kept things real and did not play games, which he found refreshing and genuine.

3. Why did Sabrina Parr decide to pursue a relationship with Lamar Odom despite his past?
Sabrina Parr saw beyond Odom’s troubled past and recognized that he needed time to heal from his previous experiences. She believed in meeting people where they are and understood that Odom needed to grieve and heal before being ready for a new relationship.

4. What led to the breakup between Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr?
Lamar Odom revealed that Sabrina Parr hurt him in various ways, including being deceitful and lying to him. He felt taken advantage of, particularly for monetary reasons, and believed that Parr was seeking clout or fame.

5. Did Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr reconcile after their breakup?
Despite announcing their breakup, Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr were seen together shortly after, celebrating Thanksgiving together. Parr confirmed they were back together, but their relationship remained rocky and ultimately ended.

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