Is Jade Carey married: An Olympic Champion’s Journey and Personal Life

Big congrats are in order for Jade Carey: She just made the Olympic team again! After tripping during the first of her two vaults, the 24-year-old won the gold medal in the floor exercise at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, creating an epic comeback story. Now, she’s ready for more. On July 1, Jade shared the sweetest photo of herself smiling broadly in her Instagram Story alongside the words, “we’re going to PARIS!!!”

Family Background and Early Life in Gymnastics

Jade’s dad, Brian Carey, who also serves as her coach, is a crucial part of the athlete’s team. But who are her parents, and how did they get into the sport? Jade Carey is the daughter of former gymnasts Brian Carey and Danielle Mitchell-Greenberg. Gymnastics runs in the family for Jade: She’s the daughter of two former gymnasts, Brian Carey and Danielle Mitchell-Greenberg.

She started doing gymnastics in 2001—when she was a year old, according to her NBC Olympics bio. At the time, her parents owned a gym together and she had a lot of fun playing on the equipment.

Brian is currently the owner of Carey On Gymnastics (see what he did there?), where he has “implemented a program that is representative of his philosophy and the integrity that is deserved by athletes, coaches, and parents alike,” according to the gym’s website. He’s also an assistant coach at Oregon State University, where Jade attends.

“My philosophy from the beginning was I just wanted her to love the sport on her own,” Danielle told the Arizona Republic in 2021. “Her dad and I never pushed. We let her guide the ship all the way through. We didn’t talk about gymnastics at home. She could really just develop the way she wanted to.”

Danielle and Brian divorced when Jade was young, with Danielle telling the Arizona Republic that things are amicable between the former couple.

Jade Carey’s Siblings and Support System

Jade is one of four kids. Her siblings are Alexsis, Taeva, and Xandon, according to her Team USA bio. Since they couldn’t attend in person due to COVID-19 restrictions, Jade’s siblings and mom watched her compete in the Tokyo Olympics at a family watch party in Orlando, Florida, the Arizona Republic reports.

Brian Carey: Jade’s Coach and Father

Jade’s dad isn’t just a coach—he’s her coach. “Having my dad here means everything to me; this is all we’ve ever dreamed of,” Jade said after winning gold in 2021, per the Carey On Gymnastics website. “It’s just really special to be able to get this medal with him out there by my side. He’s supported me 100 percent the whole time.”

While Jade’s dad trained her when she was younger, he also followed her to college, joining Oregon State University in July 2023. He took the job after visiting often to help prepare her for elite competitions, according to The Daily Barometer.

“I’m just excited to be here,” he told the newspaper. “It’s a great program and I’ve had the opportunity to watch from a distance and both be kind of close to it, at the same time working with Jade, but I’m just really excited to be here.”

A Family Tradition at Oregon State University

Jade is currently a junior at Oregon State, which has a lot of significance in her family. Both her aunt and uncle were athletes at the school, according to her bio. Her aunt, Jennifer Ory, Brian’s sister, was a track and field athlete. Her uncle, Eric Ory, played football.

Meanwhile, Jade has formed a squad of her own at the university. “I chose Oregon State for so many reasons but one that sticks out in particular is the family environment,” she wrote in her athlete bio. “From the minute I stepped on campus and met the gymnastics coaches, I felt connected and cared for. I know that no matter what, my team, coaches, athletic trainer, support staff, and professors have my back.”

Jade Carey’s Stellar Gymnastics Career

Jade Ashtyn Carey (born May 27, 2000) is an American artistic gymnast who represented the United States at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Best known for her abilities on vault and floor exercise, she is the 2020 Olympic champion on floor exercise, a two-time World medalist (2017 silver, 2022 bronze), the 2018 Pan American Champion, and a four-time American national silver medalist (2017–2019, 2022).

On vault, she is the 2022 World champion, a two-time World silver medalist (2017, 2019), the 2018 Pan American champion, and a two-time American national champion (2017, 2022). She was a member of the teams that won gold at the 2019 World Championships, the 2022 World Championships, and the 2018 Pan American Championships. With a total of eight Olympic and World Championship medals, Carey is the sixth most decorated U.S. female gymnast of all time.

Is Jade Carey Married?

Jade Carey’s personal life is often a topic of interest for her fans. As of now, Jade Carey is not married. She remains focused on her gymnastics career and upcoming competitions, including the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Elite Gymnastics Career

In 2016, Carey competed at the Junior Olympics Nationals where she successfully completed a tucked Kasamatsu full on vault, after which it was named The Carey in the J.O. code of points. Carey was invited to her first elite-level national team camp in late 2016. Carey began 2017 as a Level 10 gymnast, which is below elite level in USA Gymnastics. She was invited to The Ranch by national team coordinator Valeri Liukin throughout the start of the year where she qualified for elite status.

Carey made her elite debut at the American Classic at Karolyi Ranch on July 7, 2017. She only competed on vault, floor, and balance beam but placed first on each of those events. Later that month, she competed at the 2017 U.S. Classic and once again only competed on vault, floor, and balance beam.

She placed first on vault, where she competed an Amanar and a double-twisting Tsukahara, first on floor, including both a full-twisting double layout (Chusovitina) and double-twisting double tuck (Silivas) in her routine, and fourth on balance beam. In August, Carey participated in the 2017 U.S. National Gymnastics Championships where she won gold on vault and silver on floor exercise, behind Ragan Smith. She was named to the national team for the first time.

In September, Carey was selected to represent the United States at the 2017 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Montreal alongside Ragan Smith, Morgan Hurd, and Ashton Locklear. On the first day of competition, Carey competed only on floor and vault. With clean performances on both, she qualified third for the floor exercise final, behind Smith and Mai Murakami of Japan, and second for the vault final, behind reigning world champion Maria Paseka of Russia.

During event finals, Carey won the silver medal on both vault and floor exercise, once again finishing behind Paseka and Murakami respectively.

Achievements and Recognition

Jade Carey competed at the American Classic in early July in Salt Lake City, Utah. She competed her first elite uneven bars routine in addition to her routine on balance beam and placed 10th on each apparatus. On July 28, Carey made her elite all-around debut at the 2018 U.S. Classic.

She placed first on vault, where she debuted a Lopez as her new second vault, and second on floor behind Simone Biles, where she debuted a Moors (double-twisting double layout) as her opening pass. However, she only placed 10th all-around due to a fall on uneven bars and a major error on her beam dismount.

In August, Carey competed at the National Championships where she placed sixth in the all-around, earning an automatic national team spot. She also finished third on vault behind Biles and Jordan Chiles, second on floor exercise behind Biles, 15th on uneven bars, and 9th on balance beam.

On August 20, Carey was named to the team to compete at the Pan American Championships alongside Grace McCallum, Trinity Thomas, Kara Eaker, and Shilese Jones. There she won gold in the team finals and on vault and floor exercise.


Jade Carey’s journey from a toddler playing on gym equipment to an Olympic champion is nothing short of inspiring. Her dedication to gymnastics, supported by her family and especially her father-coach, Brian Carey, has led her to achieve remarkable success. As she prepares for the Paris 2024 Olympics, her fans and supporters eagerly anticipate more stellar performances from this incredible athlete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jade Carey married?

No, Jade Carey is not married. She is currently focused on her gymnastics career and preparing for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics.

Who are Jade Carey’s parents?

Jade Carey is the daughter of former gymnasts Brian Carey and Danielle Mitchell-Greenberg. Her father also serves as her coach.

What achievements has Jade Carey made in gymnastics?

Jade Carey has won multiple medals, including the gold medal in the floor exercise at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She is also a World champion on vault and has numerous national and international titles.

Where does Jade Carey train?

Jade Carey trains at Carey On Gymnastics, owned by her father, Brian Carey. She also attends Oregon State University, where her father is an assistant coach.

What is Jade Carey’s current focus?

Jade Carey is currently focused on her gymnastics career and preparing for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

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