Is Gretchen Wilson married: Exploring the Life and Relationships of a Country Music Star

Gretchen Wilson, the Grammy Award-winning country music singer, has captured the hearts of millions with her powerful voice and relatable lyrics. From her breakout hit “Redneck Woman” to her multiple chart-topping singles, Wilson’s career has been marked by success and resilience. Yet, beyond her musical accomplishments, many fans are curious about her personal life, particularly her marital status. Let’s delve into the life of this remarkable artist, her relationships, and the love and support she finds in her unique “gusband,” Chad Laboy.

Gretchen Wilson: My “Gusband” Designed My Outfit

At the Annual Country Music Association Awards (CMA) on November 14, Gretchen Wilson stunned the red carpet not just with her presence but also with her dazzling outfit. The star revealed that her friend and fashion designer Chad Laboy, whom she affectionately calls her “gusband,” was the creative mind behind her sparkling attire.

“I met a friend this year, and he is my new ‘gusband,'” Wilson shared with Access. “He told me there is no way you’re going to the red carpet in the same old drab, drab yucky that you’ve always done. So he took this jumpsuit and basically turned it into something that was fabulously me… and he made me feel like a princess.”

This candid revelation highlights the close bond between Wilson and Laboy, who not only designs her outfits but also plays a significant role in her life. Their friendship exemplifies the deep connections that can form beyond traditional romantic relationships, offering support and love in unique ways.

People Deserve to “Experience Love in Their Own Way”

Gretchen Wilson is a vocal advocate for love and acceptance. In an interview with PinkNews, she emphasized the importance of allowing people to love who they want. Laboy echoed this sentiment, expressing his admiration for Wilson’s spirit and their shared values.

“I’m so proud of the woman Gretchen Wilson is and has become!” Laboy told PinkNews. “Her beauty goes way beyond the dress and the glam on the red carpet! She has so much to offer this world, starting with love! She is such a joy in my life! And I look forward to a very long-lasting relationship with my new FAM!”

Wilson’s and Laboy’s mutual respect and affection demonstrate that love and support can come in various forms, transcending conventional definitions.

The Background of Gretchen Wilson

Gretchen Frances Wilson was born on June 26, 1973, in Pocahontas, Illinois. Her journey to stardom was not an easy one. Raised by a single mother in challenging circumstances, Wilson dropped out of school in the ninth grade to pursue her musical dreams. Her determination paid off when she released her debut single “Redneck Woman” in 2004. The song became a massive hit, reaching the top of the Billboard country charts and earning her a Grammy Award.

Wilson’s subsequent albums, including “All Jacked Up” and “One of the Boys,” continued to solidify her place in the country music industry. With over 8.2 million records sold worldwide and numerous platinum certifications, Wilson’s impact on country music is undeniable.

Exploring Gretchen Wilson’s Marital Status

Despite her high-profile career, Gretchen Wilson has managed to keep much of her personal life private. Her marital status has been a topic of curiosity among fans. While some sources suggest that she was married to her bandmate and guitarist Larry Rolens, the details of this relationship remain unclear. What is certain is that Wilson has chosen to focus on her music and personal growth, embracing her independence.

Wilson’s decision to remain single allows her the freedom to pursue her artistic ambitions without the constraints of a committed partnership. This autonomy has enabled her to explore new projects and deepen her connection with her fans through her heartfelt music.

Gretchen Wilson’s Journey with Husbands

Reports indicate that Gretchen Wilson was previously married to her former bandmate and guitarist Larry Rolens. However, their marriage faced challenges and eventually ended in separation. Following her split from Rolens, Wilson entered into a relationship with Mike Penner in 1996. The couple had a daughter, Grace Frances Penner, born on November 9, 2000. Despite their eventual separation in 2005, Wilson and Penner have maintained an amicable relationship and share custody of their daughter.

Currently, Gretchen Wilson is single and not known to be involved in any romantic relationships. She seems content focusing on her career and personal life, dedicating her time and energy to her musical endeavors and personal development.

Gretchen Wilson’s Age and Early Life

As of 2023, Gretchen Wilson is 50 years old. Born into a difficult environment, Wilson faced numerous challenges from a young age. Her father left when she was two, and she was raised by her mother in trailer parks. These early hardships fueled Wilson’s determination to succeed. She dropped out of high school but later earned her G.E.D. after achieving success in her music career.

Wilson’s resilience and passion for music have driven her to overcome adversity and achieve her dreams. Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of following one’s passion.


Gretchen Wilson’s journey is one of talent, resilience, and determination. From her early struggles to her rise to stardom, Wilson has remained true to herself and her music. Her relationships, both personal and professional, have shaped her into the artist she is today. Whether or not she is married,

Wilson continues to captivate audiences with her powerful voice and relatable lyrics. As she embraces her independence and focuses on her artistic pursuits, fans eagerly anticipate the music and experiences she will share in the future.

In the world of country music, Gretchen Wilson stands out not just for her talent but for her authenticity and resilience. Her journey continues to inspire fans around the world as she navigates life with grace and determination.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Gretchen Wilson married?
No, Gretchen Wilson is currently single. While there have been reports of past marriages and relationships, she is not known to be in a romantic relationship at this time.

2. Who is Gretchen Wilson’s “gusband”?
Gretchen Wilson’s “gusband” is Chad Laboy, a fashion designer and close friend who has played a significant role in her life. Laboy designed Wilson’s outfit for the CMA Awards and shares a deep bond with her.

3. Did Gretchen Wilson have a relationship with Larry Rolens?
Yes, reports suggest that Gretchen Wilson was previously married to her bandmate and guitarist Larry Rolens. However, the details and duration of their marriage are not well-documented.

4. Does Gretchen Wilson have children?
Yes, Gretchen Wilson has a daughter named Grace Frances Penner, born on November 9, 2000. She shares custody of Grace with her former partner, Mike Penner.

5. What are some of Gretchen Wilson’s biggest hits?
Some of Gretchen Wilson’s biggest hits include “Redneck Woman,” “Here for the Party,” “When I Think About Cheatin’,” “Homewrecker,” and “All Jacked Up.” Her debut single “Redneck Woman” was particularly successful, earning her a Grammy Award and topping the Billboard country charts.

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