Hunter Nugent: Rising Star in Women’s Golf and Bryson DeChambeau’s New Flame

Recently, the golf world has been buzzing about the new relationship between Bryson DeChambeau, the 2020 US Open champion, and Hunter Nugent, an aspiring golfer currently playing for the women’s golf team at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). This article delves into the life and career of Hunter Nugent, her relationship with DeChambeau, and her promising future in golf.

Hunter Nugent: Golf Prodigy from Ontario

Hunter Nugent, originally from Ontario, Canada, has made significant strides in her golfing career. She is currently in her junior year at UTSA, where she has already made a name for herself with impressive performances. Nugent’s journey began at Blyth Academy before she transitioned to the University of Texas at San Antonio. During the autumn of 2021, she competed in four tournaments and achieved the best scoring average at UTSA with a remarkable 72.8.

Early Achievements and College Transition

Before joining UTSA, Nugent was a standout player at the University of Indianapolis (UIndy). During her time at UIndy, she was a key player for two seasons, helping the team secure their 11th straight GLVC title and advance to the NCAA quarterfinal round. Her stroke average of 75.9 and six top-10 finishes, including a third-place showing at the conference tournament, underscored her talent and potential.

Nugent’s accolades include being named GLVC Freshman of the Year in 2019-20, with a 76.3 average during the COVID-shortened season. She finished that campaign as the top-ranked rookie in the region and seventh in all of Division II after logging four top-20 finishes. These achievements set the stage for her transfer to UTSA, where she continues to excel.

Romantic Connection with Bryson DeChambeau

The relationship between Hunter Nugent and Bryson DeChambeau came into the spotlight through social media. DeChambeau, known for his prowess on the golf course and his analytical approach to the game, hinted at his new relationship by sharing a Valentine’s Day post featuring a bouquet of red and pink roses from Nugent. This public display of affection confirmed their relationship and quickly became a trending topic on social media.

Nugent’s Instagram profile offers glimpses into her life, including numerous shots of her playing golf and spending time with DeChambeau. A short film she posted recently showed the couple enjoying a romantic trip to Hawaii, coinciding with the Sentry Tournament of Champions on Maui. The video featured scenes of them on the beach and DeChambeau on the golf course, accompanied by German long-drive professional Martin Borgmeier.

Hunter Nugent’s Golfing Aspirations

Nugent’s passion for golf is evident in her dedication to the sport and her consistent performance on the course. At UTSA, she has continued to build on her impressive record, demonstrating a strong work ethic and a competitive spirit. Her coach at UTSA, Summer Batiste, has praised Nugent for her determination and personality, expressing confidence in her future success as a Roadrunner.

In addition to her college achievements, Nugent’s junior golf career includes winning the 2017 Canadian Junior Match Play Championship and advancing to the round of 16 in the 2020 Women’s Texas Amateur. These early successes have laid a solid foundation for her collegiate career and beyond.

Bryson DeChambeau’s Journey and Recent Struggles

While Hunter Nugent’s golfing career is on the rise, Bryson DeChambeau has faced some challenges recently. The former US Open champion had to withdraw from the Arnold Palmer Invitational due to wrist and hip injuries. This decision came after a period of physical pain that has affected his performance. DeChambeau’s withdrawal from the tournament, which he won last year, was a disappointment for fans hoping to see another impressive performance from the golf star.

Despite these setbacks, DeChambeau’s relationship with Nugent seems to bring a positive influence into his life. The couple’s shared passion for golf and their support for each other could contribute to both of their successes on the golf course.


Hunter Nugent is a rising star in women’s golf, with a promising future ahead of her. Her relationship with Bryson DeChambeau has brought her into the spotlight, but her achievements on the golf course speak for themselves. As she continues to excel at UTSA and build her golfing career, Nugent’s story is one of talent, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Hunter Nugent?
Hunter Nugent is a collegiate golfer from Ontario, Canada, currently playing for the women’s golf team at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). She has a strong record of achievements both in junior golf and at the collegiate level.

How did Hunter Nugent and Bryson DeChambeau’s relationship become public?
Their relationship became public through social media posts, particularly a Valentine’s Day bouquet of flowers shared by DeChambeau, which was originally posted by Nugent.

What are some of Hunter Nugent’s significant achievements in golf?
Nugent has numerous accomplishments, including winning the 2017 Canadian Junior Match Play Championship, being named GLVC Freshman of the Year, and posting the best scoring average at UTSA during the autumn of 2021.

What challenges has Bryson DeChambeau faced recently?
DeChambeau has faced wrist and hip injuries, leading to his withdrawal from the Arnold Palmer Invitational. These physical challenges have impacted his performance on the golf course.

What is Hunter Nugent’s academic and golfing background?
Nugent started her collegiate career at the University of Indianapolis before transferring to UTSA. She has consistently excelled in golf, both at the junior and collegiate levels, and is on track to graduate in 2023.

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