Evelyn Lozada’s Daughter Shaniece Hairston Pregnant: A Journey to Motherhood

Evelyn Lozada, renowned for her role in Basketball Wives, recently celebrated a significant moment in her family’s life as her daughter, Shaniece Hairston, announced her pregnancy. This article delves into the details surrounding this joyous occasion and explores what lies ahead for the expecting mother.

Shaniece Hairston’s Pregnancy Announcement

Shaniece Hairston, a model and reality TV star, took to social media to share her exciting news. On a sunny beach day, she posted a radiant photo revealing her baby bump, captioned with a heartfelt message and a nod to the baby’s father. This announcement garnered immense attention and curiosity from her followers, prompting speculation about the identity of the father.

The Identity of Shaniece Hairston’s Partner

Although Shaniece did not explicitly name the father in her post, sources close to the family have confirmed that rapper The Game is the father-to-be. The relationship between Shaniece and The Game became public knowledge after they were spotted together at Nobu in Malibu, sparking further interest in their burgeoning romance.

Evelyn Lozada’s Reaction

Evelyn Lozada, expressing overwhelming joy at the prospect of becoming a grandmother, shared her sentiments on social media. She reminisced about their journey together, from Shaniece’s early motherhood at 17 to now anticipating the birth of her grandchild. Evelyn’s supportive words underscored her excitement about embracing the new role of “abuelita” alongside her daughter and the baby’s father.

The Game’s Perspective

Meanwhile, The Game, who already has children from previous relationships, including sons named Cali and King, expressed his dedication to fatherhood on Father’s Day. Despite the public attention on Shaniece’s pregnancy, The Game has not made an official statement regarding the news.

Evelyn Lozada’s Background and Family Dynamics

Evelyn Lozada’s life has been a subject of public interest, particularly her relationships and appearances on reality television. From her engagement to Lavon Lewis to her past with NBA star Antoine Walker and MLB player Carl Crawford, Evelyn’s journey as a mother and a TV personality has been vwidely documented.


In conclusion, Shaniece Hairston’s pregnancy marks a new chapter in the lives of Evelyn Lozada and her family. As they eagerly anticipate the arrival of the newest member, the support and excitement surrounding this announcement highlight the bond between mother and daughter. With Shaniece embracing impending motherhood, and Evelyn ready to embrace her role as a grandmother, their journey together continues to captivate their fans and followers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Evelyn Lozada’s daughter, Shaniece Hairston?
Shaniece Hairston gained fame as a model and reality TV star, appearing alongside her mother in shows like Livin’ Lozada.

2. Is Shaniece Hairston pregnant?
Yes, Shaniece Hairston announced her pregnancy on social media with a photo revealing her baby bump.

3. Who is the father of Shaniece Hairston’s baby?
While not named directly in her announcement, sources indicate rapper The Game is the father.

4. How did Evelyn Lozada react to Shaniece’s pregnancy?
Evelyn expressed immense joy and pride, looking forward to becoming a grandmother and supporting Shaniece on her journey into motherhood.

5. What is The Game’s response to Shaniece’s pregnancy?
The Game has yet to publicly comment on the pregnancy news.

6. How old is Shaniece Hairston?
Shaniece Hairston was born on June 15, 1993, making her [age] years old at the time of her pregnancy announcement.

7. What other TV shows has Evelyn Lozada appeared in?
Apart from Basketball Wives and Livin’ Lozada, Evelyn Lozada has also made appearances on other reality TV shows and interviews, showcasing her life and relationships.

8. Has Shaniece Hairston been married before?
There is no public information indicating that Shaniece Hairston has been married previously.

9. How did Evelyn Lozada and The Game meet?
Details about how Evelyn Lozada and rapper The Game met have not been disclosed publicly. Their relationship became known after they were seen together at Nobu in Malibu.

10. Will Shaniece Hairston continue modeling during her pregnancy?
As of now, there is no confirmation on whether Shaniece Hairston will continue her modeling career during her pregnancy.

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