E-bike Riders Cause Chaos with Illegal Fireworks in Southern California

A group of E-bike riders near the Hermosa Beach Pier stirred up chaos on Saturday night by igniting illegal fireworks in the bustling entertainment district.

Around 8:30 p.m. near Hermosa and Pier avenues, the situation unfolded as E-bikers, believed to be juveniles, swiftly rode away from a significant explosion on the beach near a lifeguard stand. Shortly after, they ventured into a densely packed area on Pier Avenue, halting abruptly as one of them hurled another illegal firework into the crowd.

The resulting explosion sent nighttime revelers, including families with young children, scrambling for safety, resulting in minor injuries to several individuals. Thankfully, no one required hospitalization.

Reports indicate that the fireworks were set off near the patio of Sharkeez bar, prompting patrons to evacuate. Unfortunately, one woman reportedly sustained injuries to her face from a firework, and the window of the Baked Bear restaurant also suffered damage.

This alarming incident adds to existing concerns regarding the use of E-bikes in the region. In response to recent instances of reckless riding, the Hermosa Beach City Council took action on June 4 by enacting an emergency ordinance to regulate off-road E-bikes, which have seen a surge in popularity.

Residents have voiced apprehensions about teenagers riding in large groups and disregarding traffic regulations. Authorities are actively addressing the issue, with recent incidents resulting in citations and the impoundment of E-bikes involved in property damage.

In the case of Saturday night’s disturbance, several juveniles were briefly detained before being released to their parents, underscoring the need for ongoing efforts to ensure public safety and responsible behavior among E-bike riders.

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