Coons Assures Biden’s Respect for Court Decision on Trump’s Immunity

Senator Chris Coons of Delaware has expressed confidence that President Joe Biden will honor the Supreme Court’s decision regarding former President Donald Trump’s potential immunity from prosecution.

In an interview with Shannon Bream on “Fox News Sunday,” Senator Coons highlighted what he sees as a fundamental contrast between Trump and Biden in their approaches to the rule of law and the legal system.

Coons emphasized Biden’s consistent respect for the law and law enforcement, noting that Biden has demonstrated his commitment to upholding the rule of law through recent actions.

When questioned about Biden’s past criticisms of the Supreme Court, particularly regarding decisions on issues like student loan forgiveness, Coons reiterated his belief that Biden will respect the court’s ruling on Trump’s immunity.

Drawing a comparison between Biden’s handling of his son’s federal gun case and Trump’s recent legal troubles, Coons underscored what he views as a stark difference in their attitudes toward the legal process.

He pointed out Trump’s frequent attacks on prosecutors, judges, and the judiciary as opposed to Biden’s dignified approach, even in personal matters involving his own family.

Regarding his own concerns about the Supreme Court, Coons raised issues related to the lack of a code of ethics for justices. He specifically called out Justice Clarence Thomas for allegedly accepting unreported gifts and travel, attributing the lack of accountability to Republican senators’ opposition to the proposed Supreme Court Ethics Recusal and Transparency Act.

Coons argued that, like other federal judges and branches of government, the Supreme Court should adhere to a binding code of ethics to ensure transparency and uphold public trust in the judiciary.

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