Coffee Connoisseurs Beware: 5 States Where Your Cup of Joe Costs a Pretty Penny

Hey, coffee enthusiasts! Before you embark on your next road trip across the U.S., there’s something you should know – the cost of your morning cup of joe might vary depending on where you are. According to data from Toast, a restaurant management system, here are the top five states where coffee comes with a heftier price tag:

1. Hawaii: Heading to the Aloha State? Be prepared to fork out an average of $4.89 for your regular coffee fix. And if you fancy a latte, it’ll set you back around $6.69. Blame it on the pricey milk and shipping costs!

2. California: California, the Golden State, comes in second place with an average coffee price of $3.88. That’s a 26% increase compared to the national average – so keep your wallet ready!

3. Washington: Just a stone’s throw away from California, Washington ranks third on our list. Here, you’ll pay around $3.69 for your cup of joe, which is 19% higher than the national average.

4. Arizona: Arizona claims the fourth spot, where coffee aficionados dish out $3.51 on average. That’s a 14% jump from the national average – so sip slowly and savor every drop!

5. Massachusetts: Last but not least, Massachusetts rounds out our top five. Here, a cup of coffee will cost you approximately $3.49, which is 13% more than what you’d pay on average nationwide.

But fear not, penny-pinchers! If you’re on a budget, head to Nebraska, where you can snag a cup of joe for just $2.12 – a whopping 31% below the national average.

Despite the price differences, one thing remains constant – Americans sure do love their coffee! According to a January 2024 study by Drive Research, nearly three in four Americans indulge in a daily cup of joe. With a staggering 400 million cups consumed each day, coffee reigns supreme as the second-most popular beverage in the U.S., second only to water.

So, whether you’re splurging on a gourmet brew in Hawaii or sticking to a budget-friendly option in Nebraska, one thing is clear – coffee culture is alive and thriving across the nation!

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