Beware Amazon “Brushing Scam” Hitting Soon In Ohio State

Even though Ohio is known for its beautiful scenery and lively cities, it is not safe from the growing danger of online shopping scams. One of these scams, called the “brushing scam,” has been spreading across the US. Ohio is the most recent state to lose money to it. These blog posts will explain the brushing scam in more depth, talk about how it affects people in Ohio, and suggest ways you can avoid falling for this scam.

What is the Brushing Scam?

The brushing scam is a type of online fraud in which third-party sellers on sites like Amazon and eBay send customers goods they didn’t ask for. It’s easy to ship these items because they are usually small, cheap, and light. The scammer wants to make fake reviews by sending these packages to random addresses and then writing good reviews under the name of the person who received them. This method is called “brushing” because packages are sent to people who haven’t bought anything, giving them fake reviews in the process.

How Does the Brushing Scam Work?

Usually, the following steps make up the brushing scam:

Fake Orders: Scammers use fake accounts and addresses to place fake orders on sites like Amazon and eBay.
Sent Without Being Asked For: Scammers send these packages to random addresses, often without a return address or receipt.

False Reviews: The con artists then post good reviews under the victim’s name, often with fake pictures and details.

Effects on People in Ohio

People in Ohio have been getting packages they didn’t ask for with no return address or proof. Hair clippers, face creams, and sunglasses are some of the cheap things that are often in these gifts. These gifts might look like they won’t hurt you, but they could be part of a bigger scheme to trick people into giving bad reviews.

How to Stay Away from the Brushing Scam

Here are some things you can do to avoid falling for the brushing scam:

Check Orders: Check your orders always before you accept delivery. Make sure the delivery address and order information match the one you originally put in.

Report Packages Not Requested: If you get a package you didn’t ask for, you should report it right away to Amazon or eBay. Give the platform the tracking number and any other information that will help them look into it.

Look for the return address: Always look at the package to see if there is a return address. It could be a sign of a scam if there is no return address.

Watch out for fake reviews: Watch out for reviews that don’t have any pictures, text, or scores. This review could be a fake part of a brushing scam.

How Does Amazon Look Into and Deal With Brushing Scams?

Amazon uses a multi-step process to look into and deal with brushing scams:

How to Report the Scam: If you get a package that you didn’t ask for, you should tell Amazon right away. To do this, log in to your Amazon account and click on the link they give you to report the unwanted package. The order history part of your account is where you can find this link.

Giving Details: When you report the scam, you should give as many details as you can, such as the tracking number, the number of goods received, and anything else that could help Amazon look into the problem.

Amazon Will Look into It: Next, Amazon will look into what happened and try to find the package’s owner. This could mean getting in touch with the seller and making sure their account information is correct. It is possible that Amazon will close the seller’s account if they are caught in a brushing scam.

Gets involved with law enforcement: Amazon may work with law enforcement to take more action against scammers in some situations. This could include jail time and fines.

Protection for Customers: To keep their accounts safe from future hacks, Amazon also tells customers to change their passwords and turn on two-factor authentication.

Getting rid of fake reviews: If someone posts a review using your name and account information, you should tell Amazon about it and ask them to take it down. Amazon has rules in place to stop and get rid of fake reviews.

Consumer Protection: Amazon also tells customers to check their accounts for any unauthorized transactions and report any strange behavior to the consumer protection agency in their area.

Overall, Amazon has a strong system in place to look into and deal with brushing scams. This protects customers from theft and makes sure that scammers are held responsible for their actions.

In Conclusion

The cleaning scam is becoming a bigger problem for people who shop online, and people in Ohio can be affected by it too. With some knowledge about how the scam works and safety measures, you can lower your chances of falling for this tricky trick. Remember to check orders, report packages you didn’t ask for, and be wary of fake reviews. You can make sure your online shopping is safer and more secure by staying aware and alert.

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