A Small South Dakota Town is Suddenly the 2nd Most Dangerous in State

Yankton, South Dakota is known for being a charming and peaceful town. However, new data show that the town’s safety has changed in a surprising way. Once thought of as a safe place to live, Yankton is now ranked as the second most dangerous town in the state, which is very different from what people used to think of it. This sudden turn of events has left people and the officials stunned as they try to figure out what it all means.

How Many Crimes Happen Each Year in Yankton, South Dakota?

As of the most recent figures, the crime rate in Yankton, South Dakota, is 361. This is 1.4 times higher than the average rate in the United States. Murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, burglaries, thefts, car thefts, and arson are some of the crimes that this crime rate index looks at. Also, the crime rate in Yankton has gone up by 9% compared to last year, which is a worrying sign that crime is getting worse in the town.

Why is the Crime Rate Going Up or Down in Yankton, South Dakota? In the Last Ten Years

In Yankton, South Dakota, the crime rate has changed over the past ten years. This is true for both serious and property crimes. Based on the search results, here is a summary of the increase in the crime rate:

Rate of Violent Crime: Yankton’s rate of violent crime has changed over the years. The serious crime rate was 253.9 in 2015, dropped to 199.0 in 2016, went up to 229.8 in 2017, and then went up again to 313.3 in 2018. The graph shows that the rate of violent crime has changed over the last ten years.

Rate of Property Crime: In the same way, the rate of property crime in Yankton has changed. The property crime rate went from 151.5 in 2003 to 89.1 in 2004, then back up to 334.1 in 2005, and it changed a lot over the years. With a crime rate of 361, 2020, property crime was a part of total crime. This shows that there were both property and violent crimes.

Overall, Yankton, South Dakota’s crime rate has been going up and down every year for the past ten years. The rates of both serious and property crimes have been changing.

What Steps Are Being Taken to Make Yankton, South Dakota Safer?

As part of the South Dakota Public Safety Improvement Act, also called the Criminal Justice Initiative, different steps are being taken to cut down on crime in Yankton, South Dakota. Among these steps are:

Earned Discharge Credits: People on parole who behave well for months get days off their sentence to encourage them to keep doing so.

Tribal Parole Pilot Programs: create tribal parole programs that are watched on tribal land to lower the number of people who break the law again.

Tracking tools for ongoing evaluation and a yearly report on these tools are being made for performance and outcome measures.

Giving parole officers and board members yearly training on evidence-based methods, risk assessments, and lowering recidivism is part of the training.

Setting up a pilot scheme for Community Transition scheme beds in the community instead of minimum security units is part of the Community Transition Program.

Victim Information method: Putting together information about victims with a statewide method for alerting victims.

Collection of Restitution: Connecting the Department of Corrections and the Unified Judicial System will make it easier to get criminals to pay back what they owe.

The goals of these projects are to make Yankton, South Dakota’s criminal justice system better overall and make the people safer.

In Conclusion

Yankton, South Dakota, used to be known for its peace and quiet, but now the town is dealing with the harsh truth of higher crime rates. The recent change in safety ranks has shocked everyone in the community and made people work together to solve the problems that are happening.

Yankton is going through a rough time, and its residents will need to be strong and work together to get back its image as a safe and friendly place for everyone.This article describes how Yankton, South Dakota, went from being a peaceful town to the second most dangerous in the state. It shows how important it is to move quickly and work together when things go wrong.

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