50 Cent Criticizes Diddy’s Apology Video Following Cassie Attack Footage

50 Cent isn’t buying Diddy’s apology video in the wake of the release of CCTV footage showing Diddy’s altercation with his ex-girlfriend, Cassie. 50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, voiced his doubts, saying, “This is not going to work, who is advising him right now? SMH bad move.”

Diddy, 54, took to Instagram to address the incident, admitting his actions were “inexcusable” and taking full responsibility. He described it as one of the darkest times in his life and revealed seeking professional help, therapy, and rehab afterward.

But 50 Cent isn’t letting up on Diddy’s legal woes, including various lawsuits against him. He sarcastically captioned a picture of a previous statement by Diddy denying allegations, saying, “The lie detector test has determined this was a lie…”

The release of CCTV footage corresponds with allegations made by Cassie in a 2023 lawsuit, accusing Diddy of trafficking, rape, and abuse over a decade.

The incident allegedly took place in 2016 at the InterContinental Hotel in Los Angeles, adding to Diddy’s legal troubles. Despite the mounting lawsuits, Diddy’s legal team has dismissed them as baseless and financially motivated. So far, Diddy hasn’t faced any formal charges.

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