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Parents Stand Up For Teachers In Possible NYC School Covid Strike

Earlier this week, we printed a post from New York City public school parents willing to go on strike to demand a remote learning options for their children, and from those who insisted it wasn’t necessary and would only make the upcoming year worse.

One incensed parent wrote me:

TM: Parents are afraid of unvaccinated teachers ??? Are they afraid of teachers with HIV? Are they afraid of teachers who have cancer? No parent knows the medical history of their child’s teacher, this is nooo different! Teachers do one thing and that’s TEACH! I understand the right to want their children to have a remote option, this is America so choice should be on the table – but we can’t pick and choose when CHOICE matters. They should be careful what they wish for because I’m imagining if they get this option those unvaccinated teachers are going to be the ones teaching them – but I guess they’re ok with that since it’s through a computer… The division is REAL and parents are fueling the fire. It’s very sad.

While a second elaborated:

CD: The only people that should be striking are teachers forced to put something into their body (with zero liability from employers or drug companies should there be harmful and/or irreversible side effects) regardless of medical condition/history, pregnancy, or religious belief. 

The vaccine mandates imposed on teachers is criminal and will lead to far worse implications down the road as it sets a VERY dangerous precedent. If mandates are not fought against, the govt will force whatever they wish on people AND children. 

But enough about vaccine mandates. Parents protesting for a remote option? Do they have any idea what this actually encompasses? The amount of teachers needed for this option to be available just isn’t realistic. The amount of money needed to pay those salaries just isn’t feasible. 

Do parents really want to outsource those positions to lower qualified candidates because there is and will be a teacher shortage? Do parents really want the quality of education to depreciate just because they are afraid to send their child in? 

Put on a mask. Don’t they work? Get vaccinated yourself. Get your kid the experimental vaccination for their age group. 

Maybe I’m being overly unsympathetic, but don’t you know what the DOE touches will turn to dirt? If they did offer this option, it won’t be what the parents want. The DOE is not in the business of making parents happy, or doing right by its students. 

If you’re a parent and you’ve been jerked around the last 2 years, you should know this. If you’re unhappy, you’ve either already moved out of NYC, turned to homeschooling, or transfered your children into private school. 

It’s been 2 years now. I’ve learned my lesson. Loud and clear. If teachers have to get themselves vaccinated against their will, then maybe parents have to send their unvaccinated kids into school to learn in person without a remote option against THEIR will. 

And then maybe they can understand what it’s like to get THEIR freedom taken away. Maybe they can understand what it’s like to be put into a dangerous situation against THEIR will. The teachers union isn’t even proposing a strike (though they should be!!!). 

This seems to be in line with the teacher who wrote me: Schools are set to reopen and the Mayor announced that teachers have to receive at least their first dose of Covid vaccine before the end of September. The unions have already made its intent to sue the City clear. However, what will happen with teachers who would refuse the vaccine? Will they be fired, sent on a leave or be required to be tested?  I wish I could say that this is a popcorn worthy movie, but it is getting exhausting as the City has no clear plans at this time how to handle Covid at schools and I highly doubt that the Mayor’s deadline for the first dose of vaccine will ever come to fruition.

The teacher’s union is pushing back against the termination of unvaccinated teachers.

The first day of school is this Monday.

How many students will show up? How many teachers will be vaccinated?

What will happen in schools where there are more teachers than students due to the strike?

What will happen in schools where there are more students than teachers because some have gone on strike themselves? Will substitutes be called in? Who will they be? Will they be certified in the subject/age group they’re assigned to? Will these be teachers who have been fired from other schools? Will principals have any say in who is assigned to their schools? Will teachers be able to turn down substitute assignments? Will teachers, once assigned to a location, be unable to request a transfer due to podding?

And what will happen down the road to per-pupil funding if students continue to be no-shows, and teachers continue to refuse to get a vaccine – but the DOE can’t fire them?

Fasten your seatbelts… it’s going to be a bumpy fall…..

What do you think?

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