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How To Even the Tutoring Playing Field For All Students

(This is a guest post by Moira Du. She is a Filipino student studying in Ateneo de Manila Senior High School and is a blog writer for Connect Me. She is also a volunteer tutor and a freelance writer.)

In this world where money is everything, most, if not all, things are business deals. Every party must always stand to gain something whether that be money, fame, or prestige. As the saying goes, nothing in life is ever free. And why should it be? Shouldn’t everything be fair and equal? Shouldn’t everyone start in the exact same place without being given any free help?

The fact of the matter is, no one starts in the exact same place and in the exact same way. Those more fortunate than others start in a better place, where their dreams are less “dream” and more “goal”. They have relatively well-off parents and go to good schools. When they’re having trouble with lessons, they can afford extra help through paid tutoring. Others, however, are not so lucky. 

Some are not presented with the same opportunities. They can barely afford food and rent as it is. School becomes one of the few opportunities they have to get out of their situation, kickstart their career, and become financially secure. Excelling, therefore, is a must. But, what happens when they start failing school? Unlike others, they can’t afford paid tutoring. This is why Connect Me exists: for these students, to give these students a chance to make their dreams a reality.

When Connect Me began, a sad yet undeniable truth presented itself. Systemic educational inequality is making it difficult for students to maintain academic success. This motivated and pushed us to make sure that Connect Me became a safe haven, a place where students can work together to excel and build a successful future.

We are a group of high-achieving students with a passion to serve our community by volunteering our time to tutoring others who are having difficulty with classes and lessons. We strive to foster an environment where any student can carve a bright future. It is our goal to create a world where everyone is given equal opportunities, where everyone can call their dreams goals.

If you are a student struggling and in need of help, we understand that you’ve already got a lot on your plate. Let us worry about keeping your grades up. Connect Me will gladly welcome you as a tutee with open arms. All you have to do is sign up for free tutoring and we’ll pair you with an excellent tutor catered to your needs. 

Some might call Connect Me’s dream idealistic, our goals too far-fetched but, if it were not for the people who dreamed big, this world would not have progressed. 

I was once told that people like Mother Teresa who dedicated their life to the poor were one-in-a-million, that they only come once every few centuries. Why should they be? Why can’t we be Mother Teresa in our own way and do something out of the goodness of our hearts rather than money? 
It is Connect Me’s hope that we not only help students ourselves, but inspire others to do their part and forge a path to an ideal world with equal opportunities. We are students who will continue to reach for the world that ought to be until we finally don’t have to anymore.

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